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Suicide Prevention Training

Suicide First Aid

Suicide First Aid is a programme designed to teach participants how to identify if someone is considering suicide. As one of the most preventable deaths, this course gives learners the knowledge and tools as a first aid approach to intervene and encourage someone with suicidal thoughts to stay safe and alive.

Based on factual evidence, this interactive first aid for suicidal crisis covers both theory and practical skills. The course helps to recognise suicide warning signs and behaviour and understand the process of suicide intervention alongside the desired outcomes.

Suicide Awareness Training

Suicide Awareness Training is important for every member of society to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to support those at risk. By undertaking a suicide awareness course, you will experience valuable training in suicide prevention, mental health and self-harm.

With no need for previous coaching, suicide prevention training and courses are important for everyone to complete as it can make the biggest difference. In addition to helping someone who may be considering suicide, you are also helping to break down the stigma by encouraging open conversations about it.

Suicide Prevention Courses

At Training for Life, we provide Suicide First Aid training with the option of a half day course or 1-day course.

The 1-day course is delivered over 6 hours using a wide range of interactive teaching tools. The content covered in this programme includes barriers that prevent people at risk seeking help, the prevalence of suicide thoughts and behaviours, the impact and value of personal and professional experience with suicide, and more.

Other Training for Life Courses

We provide other mental health training courses to help participants gain more understanding of how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing mental ill health. This includes Adult Mental Health, Youth Mental Health and Workplace Mental Health Training courses. Visit each page to find out more information.

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